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CARRI Research Announcement



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December 7, 2007 Warren Edwards, 865.574.8277


Community and Regional Resiliency Initiative Adds University of Southern Mississippi Professor to Research Team


Oak Ridge, Tenn – The Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s (ORNL) Community and Regional
Resilience Initiative (CARRI) announced the addition of University of Southern Mississippi/Gulf Coast professor Dr. Tom Lansford as the local research liaison for the CARRI-Gulfport, Mississippi partnership. CARRI is working closely with leaders in Gulfport to help develop and share the essential benchmarks, tools and techniques that any community or region should take to strengthen its ability to prepare for, respond to, and rapidly recover from significant natural and man-made disasters with minimal downtime to basic community, government and business services.


Dr. Lansford is the Interim Chair of the Department of Political science and also serves as Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Letters at the University of Southern Mississippi/Gulf Coast. He will be directing an interdisciplinary team to support the CARRI-Gulfport partnership including conducting much of the due-diligence reviews of existing reports, plans, requirements and participant interviews to understand what the Gulf Coast community is already doing to be resilient.


“We are excited to add Dr. Lansford to the CARRI-Gulfport partnership,” said Warren Edwards, CARRI director. “In order for this project to be successful, input from all sectors of the community is vital. Dr. Lansford brings strong academic credentials and local knowledge that will assist in defining what will make Gulfport and the region more resilient. As the local research liaison, he and his University of Southern Mississippi colleagues will be an important repository of CARRI’s findings going forward.”


“It is a distinct pleasure to be part of such a significant program that is working to capture important lessons from across the community and region about how to make the Mississippi Gulf Coast more resilient,” said Dr. Lansford. “The University of Southern Mississippi/Gulf Coast and the broader university community are excited about CARRI’s potential to bring about meaningful change in terms of how we prepare for, respond to, and ultimately recover from disasters.”


ORNL’s Community and Regional Resilience Initiative (CARRI) is a new program of the congressionally funded Southeast Region Research Initiative. For more information, please visit our website at