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Driving Resilient Design, One Edition at a Time

In the face of climate change, model codes and standards can be an unlikely vehicle for advancing strategies that help protect buildings and infrastructure…Read More

Building business resilience

PLANNING to hit the beach these days means we also instinctively plan to protect ourselves with sunscreen, a hat, pair of sunnies and the right clothing. Not surprisingly being in business ought to prompt a similar …

New ebook: Resilience Matters

Resilience Matters; Sustainable, Equitable Solutions. This new, free ebook available from Island Press; here is the direct link to the 175 page book. Thanks to reviewer Dr. John Plodinec for reading the book and preparing this …

Atlantic Council Launches New Resilience Center in Face of Mounting Global Disruptions

WASHINGTON, DC – At the inaugural meeting of the Adrienne Arsht Center for Resilience, a high-level group of policymakers, experts, and local leaders urged governments to accelerate efforts to integrate resilience into decision-making as a critical …

This Resilience-Minded News Service Encourages Grassroots Solutions

Rockefeller’s new platform, Zilient, wants to expose leaders to solutions that will help cities and countries bounce back from disasters…Read More

Project drawing on recovery lessons from Hurricane Sandy aims to improve U.S. resilience and disaster preparedness

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Purdue University will lead research to determine why some communities recover from natural disasters more quickly than others, an effort aimed at addressing the nation’s critical need for more resilient infrastructure and …

Managing Chaos

Our secret fears are true: We write emergency plans that nobody reads. But it’s worse than that…Read More

Climate Policy in the Age of Trump

By Ted Nordhaus, Alex Trembath, and Jessica Lovering  Of the many reasons that a slim minority of voters chose to elect a bombastic reality television star to be president of the United States, climate change was …

Viewpoint: City of Atlanta continues its efforts of building Atlanta’s resilience

The City of Atlanta is in a unique position to tackle social and economic challenges which will help promote resilience in the already ascendant City we see today…Read More

What Drives Urban Resilience? Two Cities That Bounced Back

by Richard Barkham, Global Chief Economist, and Matthew Walaszek, Senior Research Analyst, at CBRE…Read More

Resilience: It’s Not Political

By John McManus  Builderonline.com’s new Resilient Homes resource center aims to help builders committed to protecting home buyers from nature’s risks…Read More

Green Bonds Rise as Tool for Water Infrastructure, Resilience

By Paul Burton   Environmentally conscious green bonds are a tool more issuers use to finance various means of purifying drinking water and buffering against rising seas…Read More


Explore How Education Affects Us All…Read More

Reinventing Poor Cities at Scale

By Charles Marohn   Flint, MI presents a very compelling story. A city full of poor, disadvantaged people from which the affluent have fled. An economy in systematic decline where jobs have been shipped out and factories …

And the poor shall rise

By Johan Norberg — Did you hear the breaking news? Yesterday, 138,000 people rose out of extreme poverty. Another 138,000 rose out of extreme poverty the day before. And the day before that, too. Of course you …

Review of “Standards and Finance to Support Community Resilience”

From the “Recovery Diva”  White House released a report titled Standards and Finance to Support Community Resilience.  The Diva asked John Plodinec, guru on the topic of resilience, to provide a review of the report. John …


From Opportunity Nation  Central to our identity as Americans is a shared belief that, no matter how humble your origins, with hard work and perseverance, you can improve your prospects and give your children a shot at a …

What Comes Around, Goes Around (and Around and Around): Reviving the Lost History of FEMA and its Importance to Future Disasters

By H. Quinton Lucie  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) lacks a coherent historical record. Often this results in the agency repeating the mistakes of its past…Read More

Hurricane Matthew: Effect on Healthcare and Community Resilience – See more at: http://www.ajmc.com/contributor/s-mantravadi/2016/12/hurricane-matthew-effect-on-healthcare-and-community-resilience

By: S. Mantravadi and Harris Alibasic  Strong, accessible health systems and connectedness within community infrastructure affects community resilience in the face of public health emergencies and natural disasters…Read More


This Joint United States-Canada Electric Grid Security and Resilience Strategy (Strategy) is a collaborative effort between the Federal Governments of the United States and Canada and is intended to strengthen the security and resilience of the …

Anger, mourning and the American right

Arlie Hochschild  We live in grim times. There’s a job to do.’ So says Arlie Hochschild, author, sociologist at the University of California, Berkeley and self-styled ‘feminist, liberal and environmental wacko’…Read More

The Fires across Israel: Insights and Lessons for National Security

By Meir Elran  The wave of fires on November 22-26, 2016 throughout Israel – 1,773 in number – resulting from extreme weather conditions should direct the attention of the public and decision makers to the risks …

Smart Surface’ report shows savings from pervious, porous pavements, cool roofs

A new report documents large-scale environmental, health and economic benefits that Washington, D.C., could realize from such “smart surface” technologies as pervious concrete or permeable concrete paver installations, cool or green roofs, and solar photovoltaic panels…Read …

Unbreakable: Building the Resilience of the Poor in the Face of Natural Disasters

Report from World Bank  “Economic losses from natural disasters totaled $92 billion in 2015.” Such statements, all too commonplace, assess the severity of disasters by no other measure than the damage inflicted on buildings, infrastructure, and agricultural …

New York City Activates ‘Critical Backup’ Water Tunnel

By Sara Jerome  New York City activated a drinking water tunnel from Brooklyn to Staten Island last month after the $250 million project faced delays due to Hurricane Sandy…Read More

Common Good Forecaster

Measure of America of the Social Science Research Council…Read More

Our nation’s infrastructure will crumble without resilience

For those of us who work in cities, it was great to hear New York Sen. Charles Schumer’s announcement this week that one of his first legislative priorities — should he become Senate majority leader — …

Forum: 4 years after Hurricane Sandy: Building a more resilient coast in Connecticut

By Wendi Weber   Four years ago this week, Hurricane Sandy struck the Atlantic Coast, causing more than 100 deaths in the United States, destroying thousands of homes and devastating coastal communities…Read More

Go out and grab opportunities being created, PM Lee tells youth

SINGAPORE — With anxiety building up due to the gloomy economic outlook, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong sought to reassure young Singaporeans that a wealth of opportunities are being created for them…Read More

White House Partners With Industry on Climate Data

By: Eleanor Lamb  The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) launched a public-private partnership on Sept. 22 with the sole purpose of sharing and using data for climate resilience…Read More

Study: Only eight percent of Louisiana municipalities participate in risk mitigation program

The National Flood Insurance Program’s Community Rating System (CRS) can provide significant cost-savings on flood insurance rates for all residents…Read More

A Solution to the Housing Supply Problem

International Center on Housing Risk hosted two conferences last week…Read More

When you mess up, get up: the power of failure in building resilience

In the middle of his bar routine – having flung himself into the air with style and skill – Dutch gymnast Epke Zonderland missed the bar at the last grasp and face-planted into the mat…Read More

In shock, but resilient: State shifting to recovery mode as floodwaters recede

It’s a familiar sight to Louisianians: flooring, furniture and drywall heaped next to streets after a flood…Read More

How a South Louisiana festival becomes a celebration of resilience

Jessica Goff, The Daily Advertiser Published: August 22, 2016, 5:00 am.  DELCAMBRE, La. (The Daily Advertiser) – A few blocks away from piles of waterlogged, roadside rubbish, a festival went on as it has for 66 …

America Unprepared: 3 Startling Realities You Didn’t Know About Young Americans

by Pete Olsen · Published September 16, 2016 · Updated September 21, 2016.  Earlier this week the Council for a Stronger America released the 2016 Citizen-Readiness Report that highlights new data indicating that “many young Americans …

Book Review: Resilience – the Ultimate Sustainability

Reviewed by Dr. John Plodinec, Associate Director, Community and Regional Resilience Institute.  Aris Papadopoulos manages to pack a lots of facts, figures, and recommendations for the future in this small (177 pp of text) book…Read More

What is a citizen?

by Jennie Bristow  The debates around the EU referendum vote have revealed a clash of realities. This has been quite disconcerting. Conversations with friends, family members and colleagues who voted differently have invoked, not only differences of …

Hidden Lives and Human Resilience

When visiting Auschwitz concentration camp and the Birkenau selection facility in Poland, the sobering reminder of man’s inhumanity to man, was painfully obvious…Read More

…But the Network’s Up (Business Continuity is only for IT, right?)

by Lance Charnes  You have a great business continuity plan. You analyzed your network, you eliminated all the single points of failure, all your departments defined RTOs…Read More

Resilience: Navigating toward a Sustainable Future

By: Joseph Fiksel, Iris Goodman, Alan Hecht  Twenty-first century pressures such as climate change and global urbanization are intensifying the potential for unexpected disruptions, ranging from natural catastrophes to terrorist attacks…Read More

International student finds resilience and confidence in first-year experience

After traveling about 8,000 miles from her home of New Dehli, India, to attend the University of Missouri–St. Louis last fall, business major Prachi Talwar experienced a touch of culture shock and more than a little …

Cascadia Lifelines Program

The Cascadia Lifelines Program conducts research that will allow Oregon’s lifeline providers to implement value- and cost-informed decisions to mitigate damage to Pacific Northwest infrastructure as the result of Cascadia subduction zone earthquakes…Read More

In West Virginia, America’s resilience shines on

By GARY GILBERT   My wife and I had decided two weeks ago to have a mini-vacation in eastern West Virginia…Read More

FiveThirtyEight — Gun Deaths in America

By Ben Casselman, Matthew Conlen and Reuben Fischer-Baum   This interactive graphic is part of our project exploring the more than 33,000 annual gun deaths in America…Read More

Attack in Nice exposes once again that our modern society lacks resilience

The horrific attack in Nice that led to the deaths of at least 84 is just the latest event to expose the vulnerability of Western societies…Read More

Cities Should Look Inward to Boost Resilience

By Allan Co | July 1, 2016.  Pittsburgh has become a poster child of urban transformation and revitalization…Read More

Railway, Resilience and Rainbows: Glenfarne Kiltyclogher Heritage Tour

As a boy Hubert McMorrow used to catch the SLNCR railway. Getting on at the big bog train station outside Glenfarne…Read More

In West Virginia, America’s resilience shines on

By GARY GILBERT.  My wife and I had decided two weeks ago to have a mini-vacation in eastern West Virginia…Read More