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Gun Deaths In America

This interactive graphic is part of our project exploring the more than 33,000 annual gun deaths in America…Read More

Attack in Nice exposes once again that our modern society lacks resilience

The horrific attack in Nice that led to the deaths of at least 84 is just the latest event to expose the vulnerability of Western societies…Read More

Developing reputational resilience ahead of your crisis

Recent high profile crises remind us of the impact of reputational damage resulting in the destruction of market value and subsequent recovery costs…Read More

Resources for change and the importance of organizational inducements and psychological resilience

The authors found that the organizational inducements and resilience are two main factors that positively affect employees’ commitment to change (two types: normative and affective commitment).   Read More

After Brexit: academics need to get out more

The result of the EU referendum has made abundantly clear the gulf that exists between the intellectuals and the masses…Read More

Cities can prepare for hurricane season by reforming shortsighted and outdated laws

The 2016 Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1, and the public awareness campaign is fueling speculation…Read More

Rebuilding Baltimore: How can US cities become more economically resilient?

In his second article for CityMetric, Alan Mallach, a senior fellow at the US non-profit Center for Community Progress, explores how to make American cities more resilient…Read More

From Singapore to Scranton, PA: What does economic resilience really look like?

In the first of two articles, Alan Mallach, a senior fellow at the US non-profit Center for Community Progress, asks: What does it mean for a city to be economically resilient?  Read More

What Small Business Can Teach The Big End Of Town About Disruption

They may not have massive budgets or a dedicated marketing team, but small businesses are leaving big business in their wake when it comes to creating disruptive technologies and driving innovation…Read More

Six ways the ancient philosophy of Stoicism can help business entrepreneurs

With the increasing swirl of interest around mindfulness, resilience and innovation we can’t forget that there are many who have trodden this path before us with important lessons we can borrow…Read More

Climate change adaptation costs set to soar on the railway

By Kate chapple Climate change is forecast to have a significant and damaging impact on the railway network, through a combination of higher average temperatures; rising sea levels; more frequent floods and heat waves…Read More

A very bad sign for all but America’s biggest cities

Americans in small counties are much less likely to start new businesses, a trend that jeopardizes the economic future of vast swaths of the country… Read More

Transcript: Sheryl Sandberg at the University of California at Berkeley 2016 Commencement

 Lean In author addressed loss and resilience at UC Berkley’s commencement… Read More

Normalizing failure: The Resilience Lab

By Clarissa Suharli  Before becoming the associate professor of sociology, UW professor Alexes Harris stumbled upon numerous struggles in her professional life … Read More

Practical Advice: The creative power of resilience

No one gets through this life without challenges. We all have them. Some may seem easier or worse than others, but that is really quite subjective… Read More

A Community-Minded Approach to Resilience in Berkeley

by Eillie Anzukittu – The Bay Area city hopes that strengthening neighborhood bonds will help the community bounce back from a disaster… Read More

Resilient Building Codes Conference Aims to Enhance Community Resilience

Mayors like Glenn Lewis of Moore, Okla., are meeting in the nation’s capital to discuss efforts like new tornado resistant building codes… Read More

City of Boulder — Resilience Strategy

DRAFT for public comment — Building on a legacy of frontier innovation, Boulder will cultivate a creative spirit to adapt to and thrive in a change climate, economy and society… Read More

$20M partnership with UI, Homeland Security

By Anna Carrera  URBANA — The University of Illinois is partnering with the Department of Homeland Security on a $20 million program. It’s called the Critical Infrastructure Resilience Institute (CIRI).  Read More

A concrete solution to flood resilience

By Elaine Toogood  A new British Standard has been published providing design guidance for buildings at risk of flooding. Elaine Toogood of The Concrete Centre explains more…  Read More

Power List 2016: No. 24 Dave Hansen and Marcus Jones

City managers Dave Hansen and Marcus Jones have earned the No. 24 spot on The Power List for managing the two largest cities in Hampton Roads – Virginia Beach and Norfolk…Read More

The need for resilience? Just about everywhere

from devex..Some of the world’s most advanced economies are also among the most at risk for natural and manmade hazards, according to a recently released data set by risk consultancy firm Verisk Maplecroft…Read More

How did we end up here?

from Charlie Hebdo… Not strictly about resilience but an important discussion about thinking about resilience…Read More

Measuring state-level policy activity for earthquake resilience

from ResilScience – An article I co-authored recently came out on the topic of activity and coverage of state-level policies to improve earthquake resilience (mitigation was emphasized)…Read More

Know This First: Risk Perception Is Always Irrational.

by David Ropeik.  We need a post-Enlightenment definition of “rationality.”  Reason can only take us so far… Read More

A Tale of Resilience in Small Business

Becky and Larry Raney have no dollar bill framed and hanging on a wall from their first customer at Print & Copy Factory, circa 1992…Read More

Can We Fix American Cities by Tearing Them Down?

A plan to tear down 4,000 vacant houses makes Baltimore the latest city to invest in demolition… Read More

Financial fragility of workers is impacting UK’s productivity

new study entitled ‘Working Well’, from the Social Market Foundation think-tank conducted in partnership with financial employee benefits provider Neyber, finds that one in eight workers (13%) report that money worries have affected their ability to …

Cory Doctorow: Wicked Problems: Resilience Through Sensing

A problem is said to be ‘‘wicked’’ when the various parties engaged with it can’t even agree what the problem is, let alone the solution. As the name implies, wicked problems are hard to deal with…Read …

Faculty experts examine a range of issues in Brussels attacks

March 24, 2016 by Joe O’Connell The hor­rific bomb­ings in Brus­sels on Tuesday morning killed dozens and injured hun­dreds at the city’s air­port and a train sta­tion, leaving another Euro­pean nation reeling…Read More

S.C. shows remarkable resilience

By Weston Newton – Last week, as I leaned against the cab of a huge pickup truck, waiting our turn to join the Bluffton Christmas parade, there was a moment where my mind wandered a bit…Read More

Innovation is the Key to Resilience for Energy Industry in 2016, Says Booz Allen Hamilton

The energy industry must commit to innovation in order to successfully navigate a period of significant change and uncertainty in 2016…Read More

New risk rating will deliver crop varieties with more reliable yields

By Sarah Henly — Some varieties perform better than others when things don’t go according to plan and this resilience will be a key feature of strong varieties in the future, aided by a new risk …

The Profound Emptiness of ‘Resilience’

From the New York Times Magazine — First Words by Parul Sehgal – There are many versions of the bird’s death, but in each, it rises the same way — out of its own ashes and into …

From the Makers of Catastrophe Bonds, a New ‘Resilience Bond’

From the Wall Street Journal – Some of the people who brought you “catastrophe bonds” now want to bring you “resilience bonds.”  Read More

Some communities are destroyed by tragedy and disaster. Others spring back. Here’s what makes the difference.

From the Washington Post – How do people survive and move on from tragedies like last week’s terrorist attacks at home and abroad? When does a tragedy — whether human-made or natural disaster or a combination of …

Organizational Resilience Remains Elusive – Especially In Europe

Forbes/Leadership — by Dina Medland, Contributor – Organizational resilience can be defined as ‘staying power’ – the ability to maintain long-term growth by showing strategic adaptability, innovation, and an ability to weather the unexpected storms. But a …

Beyond the Draft: Rethinking National Service

Four reasons the defense community ought to support universal access to national service. — Defense One — Read More

Cyber Resilience–A Governance Challenge

Forbes/Leadership — by Christopher P. Skroupa, Contributor.  Christianna (“Christy”) Wood has over 30 years of experience managing institutional capital on a global basis in traditional and alternative asset classes… Read More

Encouraging Resilience

from the Leader Maker, a blog about Senior Executive Leadership By Douglas Satterfield  Read More

Opportunity Index 2015 — Summary of findings for states & counties

The Opportunity Index is an annual composite measure at the state and county levels of 16 economic, educational and civic factors that expand or restrict upward mobility.  The Index was jointly developed by Opportunity Nation and …

Vulnerability, Resilience, and Post-Disaster Reconstruction International Debates

A Blog by oeuvre-durable — The Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Reconstruction Research Alliance.  Read More The Canadian Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Reconstruction Research Alliance (Œuvre Durable for its acronym in French) and i-Rec (Information and Research …

Resilience in Practice

A resiliency guide by  Andrew Walker of the LGiU a UK think-tank and local authority membership organization… Read More

A plan for Norfolk to survive

From the Virginian-Pilot AMERICANS FIX things. We deal with disasters – natural and human-made – by throwing people and equipment and expertise and money at a problem until sheer will rebuilds…Read More

Resilience and performance: the missing link

Robin Gaddum believes that the real opportunity for resilience is to bridge the gap between risk management and performance improvement. In this article Robin explains why this is the case…Read More

Storm-Prone Caribbean Shores Up Resilience

Caribbean climatologists and meteorologists say the increasing pace of climate change will continue to have a negative impact on the people, the environment and economies of the Eastern Caribbean islands…Read More

Why Small and Simple is Key to Flood Resilience

From CITI IO – How should cities respond to the threat of flooding? I think sometimes small, simple interventions can be the most effective…Read More

Eyes on the City: Neighborhood Organizations Building Resilience

The Municipal Art Society of New York – In our advocacy work over the three years since Superstorm Sandy, MAS has seen time and again that community resilience often depends on more than just official municipal resource …

A Nice Framework

AECOM’s six-step process to help businesses develop and increase resilience to climate-related hazards and review performance against business objectives and sustainability…Read More

Lessons from the Storm Climate Displacement Three Years After Hurricane Sandy

Just weeks ago, the New York City metropolitan region faced the threat of a severe hurricane nearly three years to the date after Hurricane Sandy devastated areas of New York and New Jersey…Read More