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Resilient Communities are the Foundations of a Resilient America.

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New World Energy Council Report Calls For New Approach To Managing Extreme Weather Events

Resilient energy needs smarter not just stronger solutions. LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–New approaches are required for the management and financing of energy infrastructures as companies and governments seek to meet the challenges of increased extreme weather risks. New …

Engineering for disaster

New NCAR collaboration strives to bolster weather, climate resilience. A new NCAR-facilitated group aims to develop the know-how and tools for building resilient systems that can recover smoothly when catastrophic weather and climate events strike…Read More

Professor’s book examines Cherokee resilience amid migration and resettlement

A new book by a Virginia Commonwealth University history professor reveals how the Cherokee — one of the largest Native American tribes — dispersed around the globe…Read More

Gartner says organisations must invest in three risk principles

At the 2015 Gartner Symposium, which is currently being held at CTICC in Cape Town South Africa, Gartner stated that organisations – in Africa as well as globally – must invest in three risk disciplines to …

Profile in Resilience: Community Action Agencies in the Midst of Budget Stalemates by Rick Cohen

To rely on the mainstream press coverage of the anti-poverty sector of nonprofits, one might reasonably think that there is none, that the War on Poverty and the community action agencies spawned half a century ago …

Lloyd’s City Risk Index 2015-2025

Lloyd’s City Risk Index 2015-2025 analyses, for the first time, the potential impact on the economic output (GDP@Risk) of 301 of the world’s major cities from 18 manmade and natural threats…Read More

Why true resilience calls for truly conscious leadership

In a blog by Neela Bettridge – In his recently published book, The Big Pivot, Andrew Winston, a sustainability advisor to Kimberly-Clark, Hewlett-Packard, and Unilever, examines what he considers to be the three mega-challenges that every …

Natural Disasters — Saving Lives Today, Building Resilience for Tomorrow

A report from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.  Every year disasters resulting from earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, floods, heatwaves, droughts and other extreme natural events leave a trail of deaths, destroyed homes, shattered communities and far-reaching damage …

A crisis in student loans?

Brookings Papers on Economic Activity | Fall 2015 Conference – Abstract This paper examines the rise in student loan delinquency and default drawing on a unique set of administrative data on federal student borrowing, matched to …

What the Caribbean Needs for Good Governance

It has been a stormy season for the Caribbean, one that has no signs of letting go. Despite all the radars and readiness, we are often still caught by surprise and devastation…Read More

How to Measure a College’s Value

WE know all too well which colleges are the hardest to get into. The news media swoons over and trumpets this information, which is advertised as well by the most selective schools themselves…Read More

Will new name help city win competition?

Editorial: Will new name help city win competition?  Throw $1 billion on the table and people will do just about anything to get their hands on it. That includes giving a city department a name like …

Strong small towns built on resilience, not growth

On the side of the Ham­mond Com­mu­nity Li­brary is a mu­ral that in­cludes a paint­ing of the town’s an­nual Run­ning with the Lla­mas above the phrase “Em­brac­ing Our Unique­ness…Read More

The Benefits and Value of Crisis Simulations

A cyberattack. A product safety recall. A corporate scandal. Company executives know a crisis is bound to occur. They just can’t predict what form it may take…Read More

Marking 10 Years Since Katrina, Consumer Agency Calls for Stiffer Building Codes

A Florida-based consumer advocacy group has outlined six recommendations to strengthen U.S. system of building code development, adoption and enforcement…Read More

What resilience means for communities like New Orleans

Carlos Martín Senior research associate The losses of life and livelihood due to Hurricane Katrina were…Read More

Hope or Habit: Success Rituals

by Sven Hansen Last month I had the privilege of sharing stories with a number of world class leaders. One of them is an icon of the deal. He tells the story of a career of finding …

Resilience in College Students

THE PENN RESILIENCE PROGRAM FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS Investigators and Directors: Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D., Karen Reivich, Ph.D., and Peter Schulman From 1990 to 2007, we conducted longitudinal, controlled studies to determine the effectiveness of a school-based cognitive-behavioral …

Seattle’s Old Buildings Unfit to Withstand Earthquake. Now What?

s cities across the U.S. concentrate on a future of resilience, Seattle is trying to figure out how it will handle the retrofitting of many of its brick structures that, if an earthquake hit, would crumble …

New Orleans 10 years After Katrina: A Testament to Resilience

Katrina is still a presence here. The one watermark that cannot be scrubbed away… Read More

Building leaders for change when change is the new normal

Business is becoming ever more complex and moving at greater speed, yet not many leaders feel that their organisations are adjusting or preparing quickly enough to handle the next level of change and complexity… Read More

What Is Community Resilience?

Fire, flood, famine, nuclear disaster — we’ve been through them all and more, and yet we so quickly forget. All but a few Americans, depending on which survey you read, remain stubbornly unprepared for the next …

Why You Don’t Really Care About the Next ‘Big One’

Terrible natural disasters will come someday, but most people have a hard time worrying about stuff that isn’t imminent… Read More

Have Fossil Fuels Diminished the World’s Sustainability and Resilience?

The recent Papal Encyclical on the environment’s endorsement of “changes of lifestyle, production and consumption, in order to combat…warming,” and drastic reductions in carbon dioxide and other emissions is based on the notion that “it is …


We all have days when we experience some discomfort, fatigue, even darkness. At such moments, it may help to remember that history has shown that the most successful lives were filled with many moments of darkness. …

Global risks: Pool knowledge to stem losses from disasters

Public awareness, rigorous risk research and aligned targets will help policy-makers to increase resilience against natural hazards, say Susan L. Cutter and colleagues…Read More

Where Do Your Employees Get Their Resilience From?

Does resilience in your enterprise spring from its senior management as a source of inspiration to all? Or is it perhaps embedded in your organisational culture, lovingly nurtured and developed over the years? Either possibility would …

Brookings — When protecting people from natural disasters and environmental change means relocating them

Governments have a responsibility to protect people within their territory from harm, including such diverse threats as terrorists to deadly diseases. This responsibility also means protecting them from disasters and environmental change, including the effects of …

Turbulence: A Corporate Perspective for Collaborating on Resilience

The ever tighter coupling of our food, water and energy systems, in the context of a changing climate is leading to increasing turbulence in the world. As a consequence, it becomes ever more crucial to develop …

Building Resilience: A Framework for Assessing and Communicating…

Building Resilience:  A Framework for Assessing and Communicating the Costs and Benefits of Resilient Design Strategies      Increasing occurrences of natural disasters and effects of climate change are creating more pressure to design resilient buildings that can withstand …

Report: Animal attachment and disaster resilience in vulnerable communities

In 2013, World Animal Protection commissioned the first report into the ways in which animal attachment could be used to increase the disaster resilience of vulnerable communities in Australia (Thompson et al. 2014).  Click HERE to read …

Eco-Business: Engineering Diversity in Infrastructure Design Key to City Resilience

Engineering Diversity:  Click here to read full article

The Lancet: Article finds that there are 20X more deaths from cold…

Lancet Article:  Click Here to read the complete article

The Nature of Cities — “Taking resilience out of the realm of metaphor”

The Nature of Cities: Click here to read the article.

Collaboration Needed For Community Resilience

Click Here to access Collaboration Needed for Community Resilience

Dropping Out and Clocking In

Click Here to Access Dropping Out and Clocking In

Interactive Hurricane Map

Click here for Interactive Hurricane Map

Trends: The Scarred Generation

In my last post, I started outlining some of the trends that will drive change over the next decade (at least).  I started with the amazing advances in health care that will extend our lifespans.  Before …

Global Risks 2014 – Ninth Edition | Published by the World Economic Forum

Source: World Economic Forum Excerpt: “Since 2006, the Global Risks report has been calling attention to global risks that can be systemic in nature, causing breakdowns of entire systems and not only their component parts.” Click …

College Campuses: Catalysts for Community Resilience | A Special CARRI Report

In this report, we examine the different ways in which IHEs are investing in their communities, providing specific examples of campuses’ catalytic effect. Click here to read the full report.  

Draft Final Report, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Technical Investigation of the May 22, 2011, Tornado in Joplin, Missouri (NIST NCSTAR 3)

  Source: National Institute of Standards and Technology Excerpt: “This investigation has, to the extent possible, reconstructed the characteristics of the tornado and the response of buildings, of lifelines, and of the people who found themselves …

Beyond “Sissy” Resilience: On Becoming Antifragile

  Article written by: Brett and Kate MckaySource: The Art of Manliness Excerpt: “If you want to succeed and dominate, to separate yourself from the pack and become the last man standing in any area of …

Case Study: Resilience After Typhoon Haiyan

Article written by: Paul ClarkeSource: Resilient Communities Excerpt: “Following the destruction of Tacloban, residents started looking for new ways to rebuild. Most of the city remains without power or refrigeration, but that hasn’t stopped one man …

New Resilience STAR Home Program Uses IBHS Construction Standards

  Source: Digital Journal Excerpt: “The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently announced a Pilot Project for its new Resilience STARTM Home program, which will utilize construction standards developed by the Insurance Institute for Business …

Linn County Supervisor brings national convention to Cedar Rapids

Source: The Gazette Excerpt: “One perk of being president of the National Association of Counties (NACO) is that you can bring the organization’s annual conference to your city. Linda LangstonLinn County Supervisor Linda Langston, whose one-year …

Sandy Task-Force Issues Recommendations for Long-Term Recovery

  Source: Emergency Management Article written by: Claire Rubin Excerpt: “After working for roughly six months, the task force issued its report in August and also made plans to track the implementation actions by agencies and …

The return on investing in personal resilience

Source: Government Security News Magazine Excerpt: “The lack of personal resilience adversely impacts organizations every single day. Things like home fires — the leading disaster in America — divorce, elder- and child-care, urgent home repairs, accidents, …

Emergency Management | Rebuild: Communities Impacted by Disaster Can Rebuild Better For the Next Generation

Source: Emergency Management Click here for the November/December 2013 Issue of Emergency Management.

College and Teen Suicide Statistics

Source: About.com – Young AdultsArticle written by: Jackie Burrell Excerpt: “According to the American College Health Association (ACHA) the suicide rate among young adults, ages 15-24, has tripled since the 1950s and suicide is currently the …