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Gulfport named CARRI Partner

Resilience Initiative
Gulfport, Miss. -Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr announced today that the City of Gulfport is teaming with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Community and Regional Resilience Initiative (CARRI) to capture the lessons the city and region have learned in the aftermath of Katrina.


Oak Ridge National Laboratory will work closely with Gulfport’s government and regional community and business leaders, to collect, develop, and share the essential benchmarks, tools and techniques that any community or region should possess to strengthen its ability to prepare for, respond to, and rapidly recover from significant natural and man-made disasters with minimal disruption to its way of life.


“Since Katrina, all of us in Gulfport and all along the Mississippi Gulf Coast have faced the daunting task of putting our lives, our economies and our communities back together,” said Mayor Warr. “By taking part in this research effort, Gulfport will work with leaders from Oak Ridge National Laboratory on the lessons we’ve learned that can help communities across the United States better prepare for and more quickly recover from future natural and man-made disasters.”


Warren Edwards, CARRI director, sees Gulfport and the south Mississippi region as a good example of communities that have worked tirelessly to become more resilient. “We look forward to working closely with the Mayor and other key leaders throughout the region to identify what they are doing well, to help them identify any gaps, and to then formalize and develop best practices that can potentially improve the recovery in Gulfport and south Mississippi and be shared with other communities across America.”


Mayor Warr said this new partnership not only shows the groundwork Gulfport and the Gulf Coast have laid in rebuilding after Katrina, but also the leadership role the region can play in helping communities around the nation become better prepared and ultimately more resilient.


“A resilient community is not only prepared to help prevent or minimize the loss or damage to life, property and the environment, but it also has the ability to more quickly return citizens to work, reopen businesses, and restore other essential services needed for a full and swift recovery,” stated Mayor Warr. “Through this partnership, we are now fortunate to have access to national and international researchers and practitioners who can augment the findings from our own community and help make Gulfport, the region and communities across the United States even stronger.


“The citizens of Gulfport and the Mississippi Gulf Coast have persevered through the greatest of challenges and have become symbols of strength, hope, and grace for other Americans,” said Mayor Warr. “We now have an opportunity to strengthen our own resiliency while helping other communities across the country.