Resilient Communities are the Foundations of a Resilient America.

Resilient Home Building conference

The Gulf Coast Resilient Home Building Conference (RHBC) took place on March 19-21, 2010 in Biloxi, Mississippi. The purpose of the RHBC was to help put communities along the Gulf Coast on a path towards greater resilience to natural disasters through the construction of strong homes that can withstand high winds and water.


Participants at the RHBC:

  • Saw and learned about state-of-the-art resilient building materials and techniques already in use or being newly developed.
  • Gained practical knowledge about applying resilient building materials and techniques to new, existing, or damaged homes.
  • Helped themselves and others make informed judgments about using resilient building materials and techniques within the framework of existing building codes.
  • Helped expand the use of resilient building materials and techniques on the Gulf Coast to increase the stock of strong homes and reduce future losses.


Participants included manufacturers and suppliers of resilient building materials, resilient building experts, architects, real estate agents, public officials, homeowners, home builders, developers, and contractors.