Resilient Communities are the Foundations of a Resilient America.


General Presentations


 CARRI Community Forum, April 28, 2009

Private Sector at the Heart of Community Resilience
Mary Graham, Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce (Charleston Low Country Area): Continuity of Business Training Courses and Materials Mary Graham

Rick Bowker, Memphis Light, Gas, and Water (Memphis Urban Area): Training and Educating Businesses in Continuity and Contingency Planning Rick Bowker

Enhancing Community Resilience through Coordination

Yvonne Madlock, Shelby County Department of Public Health (Memphis Urban Area): Coordination and Collaboration Between Department of Public Health, Emergency Medical Services, and Hospitals

Mark Ashley, Naval Seabees (Gulfport): Coordination Between Local Government and Federal Assistance Providers to Get Essential Services Back Online Mark Ashley

Dr. John Simkovich, South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (Charleston Low Country Area): Regional Hospital Collaborative for Disaster-Related Medical Care that has Improved Overall Quality of Care in the Area

Building Local Capacity to Enhance Community Resilience

Roberta Avila, Mississippi Coast Interfaith Disaster Task Force (Gulfport): Building Local Capacity for Provision of Mental Health Services, Volunteer Coordination, and Case Management Roberta Avila

Rev. Jack Little, East Cooper Community Outreach (Charleston Low Country Area): Outreach, Capacity Building, and Post-Disaster Distribution of Goods and Services to Low-Income Populations Jack Little

Adele Lyons, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation (Gulfport): Integration of Non-Profit and Faith-Based Organizations Into Formal Disaster Planning and Response Operations Adele Lyons

Local Government Leading the Way

Mac Burdette, Town of Mt. Pleasant (Charleston Low Country Area): Guaranteed Support Agreements with Sister Cities Outside Strike Zone Mac Burdette

Dr. John Kelly, City of Gulfport (Gulfport): Local Government Preparedness and Systems for Post-Disaster Response John Kelly

Col (Ret) Ted Fox, Shelby County Division of Public Works (Memphis Urban Area): “I’m Ready” Shelby County Operation Readiness Campaign Ted Fox