Resilient Communities are the Foundations of a Resilient America.

CARRI Research Reports

In pursuit of its mission to further understanding of community resilience, CARRI commissioned several reports to survey existing knowledge of resilience from a number of different disciplines. These papers were integrated into new resilience explorations in CARRI partner cities and serve as the knowledge base for the CARRI initiative.

Community and Regional Resilience: Perspectives from Hazards, Disasters, and Emergency ManagementFINAL_CUTTER_9-25-08.pdf- Written by Susan L. Cutter, Lindsey Barnes, Melissa Berry, Christopher Burton, Elijah Evans, Eric Tate and Jennifer Webb from the Hazards & Vulnerability Research Institute

Resilience in the Face of Global Environmental ChangeS Moser Final Report 11 11 08Written by Susi Moser with Research and Consulting; Institute of Marine Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz

Community Resilience: Lessons from New Orleans and Hurricane KatrinaFINAL_COLTEN_9-25-08.pdfWritten by Craig Colten from Louisiana State University; Robert Kates, an independent scholar; and Shirley Laska with the University of New Orleans

Community Resilience: A Social Justice Perspective FINAL_MORROW_9-25-08.pdf -Written by Betty Hearn Morrow with SocResearch Miami

Comparing Ecological and Human Community ResilienceFINAL Gunderson 1-12-09Written by Lance Gunderson, Emory University

Disaster Response: Research Findings and Their Implications for Resilience MeasuresResearch Report 6 TierneyWritten by Kathleen Tierney, University of Colorado at Boulder

Geographic Scale Matters in Seeking Community Resilience T Wilbanks CARRI Report 7 FinalWritten by Thomas J. Wilbanks, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Economic Resilience to Disasters Research Report 8 Adam RoseWritten by Adam Rose, Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events, University of Southern California.

Building Community Resilience: A Summary of Case Studies from Charleston, Gulfport, and Memphis CARRI Research Report 9Written by Craig E. Colten, Carl O. Sauer Professor, Department of Geography and Anthropology, Louisiana State University

Behavioral Science Perspectives on ResilienceBehavioral Science Perspectives – Written by Fran H. Norris, Dartmouth Medical School; National Center for PTSD; National Center for Disaster Mental Health Research; National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Response to Terrorism